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supplements to manage your weight

Top 5 Health supplements to manage your weight

Everyone knows that maintaining an active body comes from regular exercise, despite you may need some health supplements to manage your weight. You can also extend your life and maintain good health if you maintain a balanced diet and manage your stress. Still, not everyone can achieve these things most of the time. This cannot be accomplished for a plethora of reasons. Keeping your diet’s levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in a healthy balance is nearly impossible. Increased body fat is one health problem that may result from this. Consequently, you might require certain dietary supplements to assist you in managing your body fat.

There are numerous strategies for weight loss. Supplements for diet are among them. These include pills, drugs and natural supplements, all of which promise to help you lose weight or make it easier for you to lose weight. These supplements will undoubtedly assist you in reaching your unique objectives. It is advised that you speak with a physician or dietitian prior to using any vitamin or diet plan. Following health supplements may be beneficial to manage your body weight.

Top 5 health supplements to manage your weight loss

1. Green tea extract:

Due to its remarkable health benefits, green tea, also known as Camellia sinensis, is a popular and healthful tea throughout the world. It contains minerals, phytochemicals, bioactive compounds, and excellent antioxidants. It contains special antioxidants called catechins, such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which acts as a fat burner and aids in weight loss by boosting norepinephrine’s activity.

Norepinephrine is a hormone that aids in burning fat and increases the body’s ability to burn calories. L Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, is another important component that helps to activate brain neurons and raise focus levels. Its little caffeine content will also aid in your relaxation and calmness without making you feel sleepy.

supplements to manage your weight
supplements to manage your weight


It has the following benefits:

  • Lowers appetite;
  • Has anti-inflammatory and fat-oxidation properties;
  • Helps mobilize fatty acids from fat tissues;
  • Increases metabolic rate;
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipids;
  • Helps support immunity;
  • Good for heart and dental care;
  • Helps treat depression and stress;
  • Increases mental focus and alertness;
  • Increases life span and performance; and it is good for oily skin and hair.

Side effects:

Drinking green tea is safe, but taking green tea extract might not be. People who have allergy or High dose may have following symptoms:

  • May cause anxiety in certain people;
  • Should not be given to children or teenagers;
  • Should be avoided during menstruation;
  • May cause headaches and stomach upset;
  • May interfere with sleep;
  • May cause peptic ulcers and liver problems;
  • May cause irregular heartbeats;
  • May raise blood pressure; and
  • May cause diarrhea and upset stomachs in pregnant and nursing women.

2. Green coffee bean extract:

Nowadays, green coffee beans are becoming more and more well-liked because of their advantageous effects on weight control. To create extract, these unroasted, raw coffee beans are soaked, then concentrated with water. Because they contain a lot of chlorogenic acid, this is why it is called weight loss. It’s thought that chlorogenic acid lessens the quantity of glucose your body absorbs after a meal. It is supposed to help turn blood sugar into energy that your cells can use and reduce the buildup of fat. It is also a potent antioxidant. The aroma, nutritional content, and chemical structure of raw coffee beans are altered and turn dark brown upon roasting.

Two types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta

Arabica is considered as good coffee. Always prefer organic coffee, which is considered a safe, because it does not content any pesticides. Additionally, it should be kept in an air tight container to maintain its nutritional values.

It is generally advised to take it after meals. However, don’t wait until after eating; else, you can be zinc deficient. It is best to avoid consumption after sunset and on an empty stomach in the morning. Green coffee bean extract by itself won’t produce the desired effects; you also need to follow a nutritious diet. In order to observe their results, you must first begin with a very small quantity.

It is advised to take supplements best between breakfast and lunch. The intervals between the foods should be one hour. You can consume it at least 30 minutes prior to working out. You can prolong your life and raise your performance level with its assistance. Additionally, it enhances weight loss and fat loss by assisting in the mobilization of fat.

You need to be drink enough water/fluid with green coffee.

Coffee extract help to manage your weight
Coffee extract help to manage your weight


  • It is a potent appetite suppressant, and contains antioxidants, which aid in liver detoxification;
  • Speeds up metabolism;
  • Helps prevent fat accumulation;
  • Enhances immunity and energy levels;
  • Decreases sugar absorption;
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and glucose levels;
  • Enhances blood circulation.

Side effects:

High doses may have following symptoms:

  • Green coffee beans may cause allergies in certain persons. such as restlessness, jitteriness, insomnia, headaches, and anxiety
  • Elevate heart rate, heart burn, and acidity
  • Patients should refrain from using this or see a doctor before doing so. Blood pressure in diabetics o on blood thinners, anxiety disorders, teenagers, teens with stomach disorders, pregnant women, or mothers nursing their babies

3. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA):

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a kind of fat that can help you control your weight or lose body fat. It can be found in meat and dairy products. Another name for it is one of the better trans fats. Naturally, pasture-raised animals’ rumen is the source of CLA. It comes from omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and can increase fat burning by acting as a thermogenic. It has been discovered that thermogenic blends function best when combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Efficiency: Some studies found that this might help you lose small amount of weight as well as body fat.


Side effects: CLA seems to be safe, but excess dose or people with allergic problems may have following issues:

  • Can cause some digestive side effects 
  • Like constipation,  loose stools and diarrhea, and if taken over the long-term
  • Rise your risk of fatty liver ailment and insulin resistance
  • Increased inflammation

4. Glucomannan:

Because glucomannan contains natural prebiotics, it essentially aids in the feeding of prebiotics, which are good bacteria for the gut flora. This will assist with correcting constipation in addition to enhancing digestion. It will stimulate the passage of feces. Before 30 minutes of each meal is the ideal time to take. It will lessen the absorption of some proteins and fats. The transit time is slowed down because of how much it expands inside your stomach. This remains in your stomach, providing you with a feeling of fullness.

Glucomannan is a most potent soluble dietary fiber. It comes from the root of the elephant yam, or konjac plant, which is typically found in south-east Asia. It absorbs water and becomes gel-like, it swells up to 200 times its initial size. It stays in your gut and helps a feeling of fullness, and assisting you eat fewer calories.

Efficiency: Glucomannan has slight to no effect on weight loss. Several studies found that this fiber, when collective with a healthy diet, may help people lose weight. It also key to improvements in various health benefits.


  • Provide food the good bacteria in the intestine
  • Lower bad cholesterol, and triglycerides
  • Helps against constipation
  • Also help to reduce spikes of blood sugars particularly those who are insulin resistance and diabetic

Side effects: 

Most forms of Glucomannan seem to be safe. High dose may have some issue like:

  • Can cause bloating and gas
  • Not suggested for people with gut or esophageal sicknesses
  • Can cause flatulence, and soft stools
  • Can cause diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal discomfort

5. Hydroxycut:

The most well-liked weight-loss supplement in the world is Hydroxycut. Several of the ingredients in this supplement may aid in weight loss. L-omithine, caffeine, and many others are among them. It also contains a few plant extracts, including extract from green coffee. This product is vegan.

The following are some benefits of these ingredients:

  • Caffeine and L-omithine HCI: these promote mental clarity and focus.
  • Green coffee bean and green tea extract – helps in weight loss.
  • Green tea has an ingredient called ECGC, or fat burner.
  • Red sage extract and blue skullcap extract are ingredients used to offset the negative effects of other ingredients. A blue skull promotes mental clarity and restful sleep at night. Red sage aids in heart rate regulation.
  • Ginger – is an anti-oxidants helps to prevent from illness.


  • Helps in mental focus and concentration
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps in good sleep
  • Helps in peace of mind
  • Manage your heart beat

Side effects– In general Hydroxycut supplement are safe if used within prescribed dose. But may have some side effect if consumed in excess amount.

  • It has caffeine, which may increase your heart beat and reduce sleep.
  • May experience anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, and irritability.
  • May have cardiovascular risks.
  • Acute liver injury.

Efficiency: Several studies noticed that this might help you lose minimal amount of weight loss.

Supplements support to manage your weight
Supplements support to manage your weight

What are ingredients in weight lose dietary supplements?

Numerous ingredients, including minerals, fiber, and herbs, are included in these weight-loss supplements in a variety of combinations. To function well, some products even contain multiple ingredients. They are offered for sale as tablets, liquids, powders, and capsules. These supplements sometime contain plant-based extracts. They facilitate fat burning, regulate appetite, and speed up metabolism.

Remember that these supplements and pills work best when taken in conjunction with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. They might not work well on their own, they might not be a long-term solution to the obesity problem, and they might even have some negative effects.

What are research findings?

Several research conducted and found that on average, these pills and supplement may help you to lose minor effect to reduce your body weight. Most of studies found that dietary supplement are not regulated by the FDA.


Eating mindfully is always the key to weight loss or management. Thus, the best ways to lose weight are to increase your physical activity and follow a safe calorie-dense diet. However, taking a dietary supplement that might aid in weight loss is not an easy task. These supplements have long been used by both men and women to successfully lose weight and reach their fitness objectives.

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